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I Love UT2004
My favourite gametypes on UT are TAM and ONS, occasionally AS
My favourite lvls on TCP Servers: ONS-D$K-Gunshop, ONS-Battlefront-Rilez, DM-Rankin(on TAM).

Im annother one of those Flak Monkeys ^^, i find it the most tactical weapon, however i also use the shock rifle combo quite allot in TAM. My other favourite weapon is the Rocket Launcher.

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Name: Ben Harris
Age: 16
Location: Cambridge, England, UK
What I do: Go to Long Road 6th Form College, studying ICT, Computing (programming), Photography and Business Studdies.
Spare Time: On UT2004/Guild Wars, Making Websites, With mates, watchin films/tv, listenin to music.

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