Get more FPS with UT2004 by }TCP{Carnage

First, go into your ut2004.ini file and search for "MaxClientFrameRate=". It should be under [Engine.LevelInfo].

You'll more than likely see it has 90.00 after it (or something around that area). Change it to what you like (I have mine at 500 so the hardware can go at full speed).

Second, you'll have to change your netspeed.

Forcing it in user.ini doesn't seem to work for me as the frame rate becomes locked on a map change, so I have to manually change it all the time.

You'll have to make it an odd number, so if you use 7500, make it 7501 / if you use 10000 (like me) change it to 10001.

Do it in the console each time the map changes (netspeed ######) and your frame rate should go up (unless it's already below 85 in the first place).

I don't recommend changing your netspeed to unlock the FPS in clan matches when you're using SafeGame (SafeGame doesn't like console netspeed changes).