Funshots by }TCP{Wolf


Welcome to our little stupid corner galeria. Below you will find some screenshots of events, happenings, bugs.... dunno whatever :)) stupid things which happened somewhere sometime to or with someone :) None of the screenshots are fakes or some construction, just plain screenies...


Huhu... ever climbed a tree? No? You should, or try a lantern....
Shooter(s): Carnage, Wolf, Carnage

Skaarj get stuck in sewers
And here's the proof: DMUrbanArenaSE's sewer's were absolutely NOT constructed for use by Skaarj :)
Shooter(s): Wolf

The Split Nali
Hehe, ever played as Nali? Yes? Well then don't jump down that portal in DMRadikus or you might just end up as unfortunate as this creature, not able to get back up nor down...
Shooter(s): Wolf

3 dicks camping on Ariza mountains
Ow this match was so stupid and totally unfair in skill, blue team just started to make shit and ended in the mountains with the tents unpacked...
Shooter(s): Bea

Dance Projectiles
This can happen in Observatory, when you get the book on the head and you are stomped into the floor (yes, you are stuck then :) - now pull out the Automag or the Rocketlauncher and you should be able to reproduce this nonsense...
Shooter(s): Wolf (Bulletdance) - Wolf (GrenadeDance)

Bots Are Morons - owww yes!!!
We all hate campers, do we? Watch that blue bot team...
Shooter(s): Wolf (distant) - Wolf (closeup) -

RealCTF in Prison Cell
Ok let's play a bit capture the flag in our prison cell. As you might know, RealCTF also spawns flags on maps which have no bases, so you can play RealCTF nicely on normal DM maps... RealCTF spawns the flags at the 2 utmost distant navigation points (I think)... just in the prison cell things get a bit cramped!??
Shooter(s): Wolf

You know you can throw your weapons away? Good... you also know when you do this facing exactly 90 degrees upward to the sky, the thrown weapon will land in your lap again? Good... and of course you know that when you keep doing this your Unreal game will more and more likely crash?
Heheheeee... some night we just played a little game, standing in circles everyone just threw his weapons to the next player, until the last in the row threw them back to the first... The one who crashed first was the loser - erm.... guess who it was (duh!!)
Shooter(s): Wolf(duett) - Wolf(circle) -

Western Showdown With Rockets
Enough of JuggleBells, some crazy guy had this idea... one shoots rockets, first the shooter faces down, then 90 degrees towards target and immediately fire, so the rocket would not lock! The target then hops to evade... or eats the rocket :)
Shooter(s): Wolf(GetReady) - Wolf(!!!FIRE!!!)

Hang On.... or In?!
There's really the one or other place you never expect you can stay there...
Shooter(s): Wolf - Ramses