Gaming rules by }TCP{Wolf

Code Of Honor
}TCP{ clan fighters as well as mostly all other clan fighters on the globe have certain fairplay rules after which they play. This is intended to keep player frustration low and to generally enhance the overall quality of Unreal matches :)

Consider someone hast just been slain in battle, and reappears in front of your nose, totally unarmed, while you have a good gun and armor... you just shoot the guy and get a frag immediately... now consider that happens to you, pretty much frustrating, huh?
Just give people who reappear some time to get away, very nice player will even ignore the enemy pick up a gun as long as the player doesn't immediately open fire once he picked up the gun. Sure, that's likely too much asked of being nice, but just let people get away when they respawn, ok?

No Gun!?
What you mean "you don't have a gun?" Damnit you have the Dispersion Pistol always... That's another thing often asked too much. People also say the only real "SpawnKill" is when a player first connects, when the player appears on the map but the client is still loading the map and can't move at that time... Well... it's all up to you. Me (Wolf) will even stop shooting at enemies when they run out of ammo during a fight when I have a nice days. I do not consider the Dispersion Pistol a gun, but I know that's something not really feasable for normal play... but consider not shooting for training...

That's a NO NO!! It means when someone types, not being able to move or act in any way, gets shot and killed. It is usually already by far too much if the unfortunate target only gets hit, because then it is so much injured it won't get much further anyway... so it's usually as bad as an outright kill!
First thing: YOU APOLOGIZE! Next, when you killed the other, commit suicide either immediately or next time when you were fragged by someone else if you don't want to lose your gear, but don't forget it!! If you only hurt your foe, let him get away and even ignore him when he goes for health or other items as long as he doesn't open fire. After 15 seconds of free time you may go ahead nailing him :)

How do I notice someone is typing? Ok... it's either too late... or, well, nice players face down, lie down or look at a wall. So if it looks like "FeignDeath", it's just someone who is away or typing, shooting such a target makes you a lamer.

Since fairplaying players use FeignDeath to tell the rest he/she is absent or typing, FeignDeath may of course NOT be used to trap or ambush people! Also, when you stop feigndeath after you typed and you find other players shooting each other near you, kindly walk away please, both probably just ignored you a moment before and it would be as well unfair to just shoot in their backs now...

Another NONO! Camping means you stay at some point of the map which looks good to YOU (like the belt respawnpoint or something...) and you just shoot at anyone who comes by. Ok for all of you: the maximum amount of time you may stay at one point without actual combat is 10 seconds, no more! Please do not mix this up with short-range patrolling or sniping, although I must admit it's sometimes not so easy to say...

Spamming is when you get on everyone's nerves by BroadCasting countless... or at least TOO many messages all over the place. It's not only distracting for players trying to read this shit (they will likely stop trying soon and not be responsive to ANY messages afterwards) the beeping all the time really pisses people off...

Lame Items
There are 2 items which are not used by fair players: The Amplifier and the Invisibility. If anyone picks up the AMP accidently, switch to Dispersion and discharge it immediately. Invis? Ok... go to a quiet place and don't move a thing... especially not your trigger finger until the effect is gone.

Outright Cheating:
If you use your self-made scripts to gain advantages which are under normal circumstances NOT available to others, you definetely have the wrong attitude and should play at home against bots, as they won't care...

Commit suicide 1000 times per second...:
If you keep doing suicide all the time, this won't just disturb people, it will actually cause the server to lag! Only really fast servers and clients are immune to this kind of lag, and there are still many slower servers and even more modem players out there... so don't make their pings even higher!

Team Killers
Probably the worst someone can do - apart from cheating. Shoot his own teammates so the fall into lava or something... There's actually not much you can do DIRECTLY against such a f*****, because if you push HIM into lava your team will just lose another point, which is also what the ass wants. Sorry I don't have a receipt for those peeps...

Hey I am all the way nice but the others just won't...
Yea well... it's always the choice of the WORST playing style which style is actually used. You might kindly ask the others to play nicer, but that's already it. If you don't like the style which is played on a server you have 3 choices:

  1. GRR: Just play like them... They spawnkill you, you spawnkill them...
  2. HMM: Leave the server and try your luck elsewhere...
  3. OUCH!!! Remain with your style DESPITE the others dishonoring it...
Actually, the LAST decision is the most dangerous the most daring and - honestly - the choice I would admire most. You have your pride and you don't let the filthy rags spill it on you, if that's your choice you already earned a point in case you ever considered to join }TCP{ - why? Read below!

To be honest, we do not have a totally common style. All of us do fairplay of course, but even we have some slightly different sights on some very special points - e.g. about spawnkilling and the decision if the Dispersion Pistol is actually a gun or not... I will give a small insight of how some }TCP{ members will behave in case you face them as opponents.

  1. }TCP{Ramses:
    Of all of us, he is our newest member, and concerning fairplay, a truly bright star among the rest of the whole universe. He is one those rare persons who take decision 3 (see above :)). He is definetely the nicest of us all. Often commits suicide after an accidental unfair kill.
    Update :) Erm he told me he does revenge on repeated spawnkills on him now... that's ok :)))
  2. }TCP{Carnage:
    There is almost nothing that pisses him off, he's so good anyway it wouldn't make a difference how he played... If you are nice to him, you'll sometimes even get a gun from him :) Commits suicide after an accidental unfair kill when he thinks you are worth it, but will always apologize!
  3. }TCP{Wolf:
    Erm that's me :) I try to be like Ramses, but my spirit is too weak to keep up with his style. Still, as long as you are nice to me you can expect to even get a gun sometimes... if you are too often too lame towards me, I will just do the same to you on the long end... Concerning committing suicide after an accidental lame kill I decide from case to case.
    Special behaviour:" If I accidently hurt you while you were typing and you don't shoot me, I will sometimes cover you against others until you are healed up again and then I kindly go out of reach... but after THAT you are target again of course :)
  4. }TCP{Cheiz:
    Carnage, Wolf (me) and Cheiz had a little discussion about the Dispersion Pistol... but I fear we didn't convince him of our view which is, that the Dispersion is "No Gun" - for Cheiz it is - or at least WAS up to my last contact...
  5. }TCP{ZzCaT:
    Not much is known about his style, nor does it matter much because this old man is often used for target practise by the rest of }TCP{ anyway... :)