Website Description
Cool wallpapers All kinds of free wallpapers. It's in french but worth it.

Friendly clan from UT2004.

f00kClan Friendly UT2004 clan from germany
hLk Clan Homepage The hLk Clan Homepage
HyperCoop Unreal 1 All sorts of mods and downloads Also a lot of usefull info about the game itself
Kamikaze Death Soldiers Our old friends who still pop in every now and again in unreal 1
Miasma UT2004 and Killing Floor Community/Clan.
Old Unreal You can get almost everything that's unreal related here.
Republic of Kiss Nice Clan who is still active in Unreal 1 .
Titan A great Comunity forum for 2004
Unreal Official Unreal site.
UT2004CacheExtractor Very nice program made by Coco to play the downloaded maps on your own PC
}TCP{ Irc Channel If u have some sort of irc program installed just click this link and u will connect to the channel. U can also follow the games played on the UT2004 servers here
}TCP{ on Our home page on the clanbase.
}TCP{Wolf's projects page

Wolf's own page with all his latest projects.